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Perfect Summer Pasta

This recipe is one I love to make when the tomatoes are dead-ripe and brought into the kitchen, still warm from the summer sun. On my early morning crawls around the farmers markets I look for vendors selling their over-ripe tomatoes at a discount, they are just what I need to make this simple pasta sauce.

Crudaiolo is an uncooked pasta sauce from the Puglia region of Italy. It is so incredibly simple and refreshing on hot summer days. Please do not be tempted to add both the green onion and the garlic, just choose one, it really does honor the taste. This video makes it simple!

The perfect summer Bijouxs.


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Anna Apple Trees

I wandered out to the studio today to write a post about a lovely summer recipe, but something was different today – the crisp morning air felt like fall, not mid-July in the usually hot interior valley of Los Angeles, and I am wearing a sweater – so, today it’s all about Anna, the apple tree, and being present in the moment. Continue reading Anna Apple Trees