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Jamie’s Greenhouse Couscous

Jamie’s Grenhouse Couscous | Bijouxs Little Jewels

I was born craving summer. I know it is winter here in Southern California, but by the shore on many days the sun still burns bright.  Now craving a winter picnic that includes a perfect portable salad. Here is my version of Greenhouse Couscous Salad–a summer jewel in winter.


My favorite time at the beach in Southern California has always been right after New Year’s. The crowds of visitors for parades, bowl games etc. have vanished. It is usually clear at the beach, the sun shines bright but still the chill of winter is present. Not a time for sun bathing proper, but spreading out a blanket, with a basket of healthy food and sitting in the warm sun is just what the doctor ordered.

Jamie’s Greenhouse Couscous | Bijouxs Little Jewels



During the long days of isolation I discovered the Jamie Oliver series “Together”, which features recipes from his cookbook.   A long-time fan of Jamie since the ‘Naked Chef’ days, I love his cheeky style, fresh take of classics, and use of local garden produce. This salad caught my attention. I have many couscous recipes, however the unique way in which Jamie adds flavor to a very basic dish is genius. Jamie’s Greenhouse Couscous | Bijouxs Little Jewels



The most unique things about this recipe is that the couscous is NOT cooked, but marinated and soaked raw in a spiced fresh tomato puree. Result is that the couscous absorbs the tomato liquid, rendering a light, fresh tasting couscous which is already flavored for the salad. After about 30 minutes, plump the couscous add roasted seasoned vegetables and feta cheese and lightly toss. Genius.

Jamie’s Greenhouse Couscous | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Jamie’s Greenhouse Couscous | Bijouxs Litle Jewels



It’s never too early to spread a blanket in the sand for a picnic at the beach. I love packing up portable recipes like Tomato Chutney & Cheese Sandwiches, Roasted Tomato Quiche, crisp Victory Garden Salad and a tin of Lemon Crisps for dessert. Happy Holidays to all and wishing Love & Luck in 2022.

As always, enjoy. B

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