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Tomato, Pomegranate & Quinoa Salad

Tomato,Pomegranate & Quinoa Salad, Bijouxs

Where’s the color? Right here, via beautiful, vibrant hues all designed by nature. A salad to wave goodbye to summer and say hello to the vibrant red and orange hues of autumn cuisine. Tomato, Pomegranate & Quinoa  Salad – a bright, colorful kitchen jewel.

The entrance of autumn begins for me, oddly enough not with food, but with the September issue of Vogue magazine. A tradition that dates back to school girl days, and culminated with fulfillment of a dream to work in NYC designing beautiful retail environments. Those are the things that the Bijouxs are made of – so it’s only fitting that fashion & design often have a way of sneaking into my food dialogue.

So, what of the question “where’s the color?”–  a great tag line taken from an interview with Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazine. Just as in fashion, food can become oh-so monotone, so nothing pleases me more than vibrant, fresh color popping off the plate.

Tomato, Pomegranate & Quinoa Salad was inspired by this and this, providing an opportunity to use some of my favorite Mediterranean pantry items, tart pomegranate molasses and ground sumac. Saying goodbye to late summer heirloom tomatoes and hello to rich red autumn pomegranates, this salad embraces the change of season with a sweet-tart bite.

Tomato,Pomegranate & Quinoa Salad, Bijouxs

I served a platter of this vibrant salad as a side dish alongside a grilled entree. Equally nice, allow it to star as a lunch time salad.

Wishing you a happy autumn from the Bijouxs kitchen.

As always, enjoy. B

8 thoughts on “Tomato, Pomegranate & Quinoa Salad

  1. You certainly found the answer to Ms. Wintour’s question. GREG

    1. A good pop of color is always a little jewel. Best!

  2. The glorious tomatoes are the one consolation for the intense heat we’ve been having here in California — I’m off to the farmer’s market to get some right now — gorgeous post!

    1. That’s exactly what prompted this salad, plus a bumper crop of mint. Enjoy Sue!

  3. This looks amazing – beautiful and tasty!

    1. Thanks Millie! Color – via nature.

  4. I will definitely be making this salad! Love all the ingredients you listed! Quite colorful for summer or fall!

    1. Thank you Darlene! This salad is one of my fall little jewels:) Enjoy! ~Bijouxs

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