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Tomato, Pomegranate & Quinoa Salad

Tomato,Pomegranate & Quinoa Salad, Bijouxs

Where’s the color? Right here, via beautiful, vibrant hues all designed by nature. A salad to wave goodbye to summer and say hello to the vibrant red and orange hues of autumn cuisine. Tomato, Pomegranate & Quinoa  Salad – a bright, colorful kitchen jewel.
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October 5, 2014
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Be inspired. Perform a little kitchen alchemy to create a lovely jar of your own harissa, the spicy, rich and versatile condiment that instantly adds a taste of Morocco – a little jewel to add flavor magic in your kitchen.
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June 26, 2014
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Green Bean & Pea Salad with Chermoula Dressing

Spice up your celebration with a snappy, fresh salad – Green Bean & Pea Salad gets it’s spunk from a snappy Chermoula dressing – no boring green beans need apply – more Salad Days at Bijouxs.
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March 30, 2013
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Orange & Olive Salad

Citrus season brings with it a bounty of brightness in winter. Orange & Olive Salad features heirloom oranges and olives in a spiced citrus vinaigrette – a pick from Bijouxs.
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January 27, 2013
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Pan Seared Fish with Chermoula Sauce

Join Bijouxs in the kitchen on the road to Morocco, paved with brilliant colors and exotic spices. Chermoula Sauce, a North African sauce that is brilliantly red with spices and herbs, and made-in-a-minute to spice up the everyday, a little piece of jewelry for the kitchen.

September 9, 2012