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Asparagus Mimosa

Celebrate: a New Year, a fresh start, ring out the old, ring in the true. Setting our sights forward with resolve, we celebrate the New Year, filled with exciting possibilities, awaiting the first signs of Spring.  Asparagus Mimosa, a little jewel for the celebration table, with an eye towards Spring. 

New Year’s Eve is a sparkling, light holiday. Bubbly Champagne and effervescent spirits lend themselves to plates of fresh, bright foods. Classic asparagus mimosa is lovely dish that rings in New Year’s Eve. With asparagus available year round in most areas, bringing a taste of Spring to the New Year table shrugs off the heavy holiday food of the past months.

Tender spears of asparagus are gently steamed then bathed in a vinaigrette with hints of tarragon, topped with sieved hard cooked egg, creating the light, yellow signature garnish reminiscent of the fluffy yellow mimosa flower and capped with caper berries. Purple asparagus made its way in my market basket recently, beautiful aburgerne spears. When the stalks are peeled to remove the tough outer skin, they reveal their tender, bright spring green stalk beneath, simple everyday beauty in the kitchen.

A small New Years’s Eve gathering menu might include Asparagus Mimosa joined by other festive bright foods such as Oysters Mignonette, Spaghetti with Saffron and the light finish of a Grand Marnier Soufflé.

Thank you to all Bijouxs readers for a wonderful year. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with love & luck in 2013!

As always, enjoy. B

6 thoughts on “Asparagus Mimosa

  1. One of my all time favs. My mom used to make it and I always look forward to the big fat asparagus just so I can make it too. GREG

    1. I love simple classics, they always seem modern. Happy New Year Greg!

  2. I have never seen aubergine asparagus! I’ve also never thought to peel the stems. Love asparagus!

    1. Happy New Year Jennifer! Purple asparagus made an appearance here in the markets for the holidays, more likely you will see it by early Spring. This classic is just as delicious with green asparagus, but I would still peel the stems if using the green variety, this is such a delicate dish. Thank you!

  3. Gorgeous as usual. Happy New Year, Lynn!

    1. Happy New Year Lentil! Thank you so much for taking the time to read Bijouxs, and catch my typos:)

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