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Lavender Honey Madeleines

Madeleines, superstar famous; hanging out with Marcel Proust, always getting tons of press, a sweet little teacake whose name is spoken daily, but like some stars, has always seemed just a little bit fussy in my kitchen. Bijouxs took a little time to get to know sweet madeleine and introduced her to some lavender and honey, revealing a sweet and simple little cake, a real little jewel. Continue reading Lavender Honey Madeleines

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Southern Tea Cakes

Southern Tea Cakes by Bijouxs

I don’t really have any evidence, I can’t really prove it but I think there is a slight chance I might be little Southern. Far too many Southern-style recipes pop up at family gatherings for me not to be wondering…what is this love of food from the sweet South all about? One such love is Southern Tea Cakes – thin, crisp old-fashioned little jewels – a perfect summer Bijouxs. Continue reading Southern Tea Cakes