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Market Basket Summer Salad

Market Basket Summer Salad | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Summer simple = salads. What better way to take advantage of the seasonal bounty by pairing sweet and savory in one salad.  A salad of made up of farmers market finds highlights radicchio, figs, peaches, & feta cheese, seasonal everyday beauty in the kitchen, always a little jewel.


The farmers markets are bursting with the bounty of the season. I finally made it to our downtown market, the largest in our city, and I was like a kid in a candy store. My shopping basket was brimming, full of the best our local farms have to offer. I was also happy to see some of the vendors from the Pasadena market I used to frequent, such as the ‘apple lady’ who sells the beautiful flowering branches in spring, and of course a unusual selection of apples. This week I picked up local organic lush figs, peaches, radicchio, fresh cheese, local avocado honey and herbs, the colors of summer.

Market Basket Summer Salad


I composed my market finds on a simple white stonewear platter to fashion a casual Market Basket Summer Salad. To complete, drizzle with a vinaigrette to finish the salad. I was able to make use of some White Balsamic vinegar I purchased at a favorite local shop. Granted, this is really not a recipe, but a salad designed to balance tastes of sweet, creamy, salty and bitter. I love these combinations like, last week’s Apricot, Lentils and Triple Creme Cheese, Herb Salad with Jicama & Cherries or this summer favorite. 

Market Basket Summer Salad | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Re-create your own version with a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables you may have on hand. Start with one part bitter leaves, such as radicchio, arugula, mizuna, or baby salad mix. Next two parts fresh seasonal fruits, stone fruits (plums, peaches) figs, citrus, pears, apple, go with the season. For a salty bite, crumble in your favorite cheese, such as feta, blue, parmesan, or manchego. Top with crunchy toasted nuts and fresh herbs, such as mint, cilantro, parsley, or thyme. Voila, summer on a plate. Savor the season.


As always, enjoy. B

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