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Boston Cream Pie

Recipe lost- recipe found for the family favorite Boston Cream Pie. It’s a pie that is really a cake; light, delicate layers filled with vanilla custard and iced with a rich chocolate glaze. Memories gathered from Beacon Street and the fine foods of Boston bring forward a little gem of classic dessert. Continue reading Boston Cream Pie

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Crepe Brulee

Pasadena is not all about Rose Queens and debutantes or Penny loafers and posh hotels. Along the edges, nearing the fringe Bijouxs and The Rippler created an unexpected gem. Inspired by art and culture, the storied past of Pasadena; more underground than Paseo, after hours than high tea, Pop art than prep school -The Crepe Brulee – a confection well loved in the tea salons of Paris transforms to lust worthy in the atelier of Bijouxs – another little jewel from the kitchen.

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Lavender Honey Madeleines

Madeleines, superstar famous; hanging out with Marcel Proust, always getting tons of press, a sweet little teacake whose name is spoken daily, but like some stars, has always seemed just a little bit fussy in my kitchen. Bijouxs took a little time to get to know sweet madeleine and introduced her to some lavender and honey, revealing a sweet and simple little cake, a real little jewel. Continue reading Lavender Honey Madeleines