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Marinated Cantaloupe Salad with Honey, Black Pepper & Basil

Bijoux Little Kitchen Jewels | Marinated Cantaloupe Salad

SIMPLE. There is that word again and coupled with everyday beauty in the kitchen, another little jewel recipe to share. Marinated Cantaloupe Salad with Honey, Black Pepper & Basil.
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June 4, 2017
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Positively Powerful Salad

I feel like we all could use a dose of positive power about now, so here is a salad packed with positivity and nutritional power and running on jet fuel, another little jewel from the Bijouxs cookbox, a Positively Powerful Salad.
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July 8, 2012
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Pure Peach Sorbet

Eat a peach. Bite into a juicy, ripe peach and you know it’s summer. Staying close to the farm-to-table mantra, Pure Peach Sorbet is a sweet little kitchen jewel for summer.
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June 23, 2012
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Lavender Honey Madeleines

Madeleines, superstar famous; hanging out with Marcel Proust, always getting tons of press, a sweet little teacake whose name is spoken daily, but like some stars, has always seemed just a little bit fussy in my kitchen. Bijouxs took a little time to get to know sweet madeleine and introduced her to some lavender and honey, revealing a sweet and simple little cake, a real little jewel.
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July 31, 2011

Bijouxs Bits: Belle’s Nest

Bijouxs is pleased to introduce you to Belle’s Nest, our lovely new addition to the Bijouxs Little Jewel vendors. Please come in and meet Belle’s Nest.
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July 21, 2011