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Plum Tart

THIS IS JUST TO SAY…Plum Tart is a taste treat recreated from my past, a humble childhood treat orginally fashioned from scraps of leftover pastry sprinkled with sugar, baked crisp and topped while still hot from the oven with a spoonful of homemade plum preserves. Close your eyes, take a bite of Plum Tart – a grown up version of little jewel from the kitchen. Continue reading Plum Tart

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Boston Cream Pie

Recipe lost- recipe found for the family favorite Boston Cream Pie. It’s a pie that is really a cake; light, delicate layers filled with vanilla custard and iced with a rich chocolate glaze. Memories gathered from Beacon Street and the fine foods of Boston bring forward a little gem of classic dessert. Continue reading Boston Cream Pie

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Bijouxs is serving up Bobotie, don’t you just love the name? Perfect for fall entertaining the grown-up crowd, this South African savory meat pie reflects a melting pot of cultures and spices, resulting in a dish both rich in flavor and in history. A little jewel to spice up your fall and holiday baking. Continue reading Bobotie

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Tart L´Orange

The Easter season evokes childhood memories of baskets of candies, chocolates, and sweets of all varieties.  My son’s favorite candies have long been the chocolates that are fashioned in the likeness of an orange. He relishes the theatre of giving the “orange” a good bash on the counter and watching it break into prefect chocolate orange-scented segments. To address the family love of chocolate and citrus, an easy tart combines two lovely tastes – a Bijouxs l´orange. Continue reading Tart L´Orange