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Bijouxs Basics: Cast Iron Skillet

It’s 2011 the beginning of a New Year and time to start at the beginning for Bijouxs Basics. The #1 Bijouxs Basics kitchen equipment nomination goes to the humble cast iron skillet, it can handle almost any cooking task, it’s steady and sure – a Bijouxs you can count for a lifetime. Continue reading Bijouxs Basics: Cast Iron Skillet

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Bijouxs Basics – Salt & Pepper

“add 1 teaspoon of finely ground salt”, “salt and pepper to taste”, “Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper”, “white pepper finely ground” – salt and pepper are called for in almost every recipe, either alone, or as a dynamic duo. Salt and pepper are key pantry items and at the core of seasoning food – they are Bijouxs Basics.

Salt and pepper – simple ingredients where the conversation can become complex, but I have broken each down to 3 basics, making it simple to enact a few changes with pantry items from the supermarket, that can have an impact on the quality of the foods your prepare in your kitchen. Continue reading Bijouxs Basics – Salt & Pepper

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Café de Paris Butter

Compound butter: sounds pretty boring, what’s the big deal with whirling some flavors into butter? I know, but don’t pass on these little Bijouxs Basics for your pantry (um, freezer).

When I first started cooking, I began with the basics, and compound butters were a part of my classes, but acting very crow-like and being very young, I was more attracted to the shiny objects. My new copper bowl and giant balloon whisk held my attention, compound butters?, I’ll get back to those later. I don’t really know what every happened to my copper bowl and giant balloon whisk, but I can assure sure you compound butters are now given front row center in my freezer. Continue reading Café de Paris Butter

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Solid Maple Salad Bowl

Well loved and very well worn, revealing its battle scars from the kitchen, my solid maple salad bowl has been an indispensable Bijouxs Basic for over 30 years.

I found the bowl strolling on Charles Street in Boston during a movie location. My trusted Springer Spaniel in tow, I savored walking the historic streets, popping into the quaint assortment of shops, and also being asked by shopkeepers about my “funny accent.” Continue reading Solid Maple Salad Bowl