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Red, White & Blueberry Quinoa

Happy 4th of July, oh, I know you may maybe in a holiday rush much like Bijouxs and you need something fast and fresh for your Fourth of July bash. How about a side dish that is patriotic with a little firecracker kick? Red, White & Blueberry Quinoa is your Bijouxs, and I will be brief. Continue reading Red, White & Blueberry Quinoa

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Fava Bean & Parmesan Salad

Chances are you have walked right by these overblown pea-like pods, especially if they have begun to take on their brown spots of age, but inside these pods lie tender, vibrant green beans, that when prepared most simply taste like the green of spring – Bijouxs fava time. Continue reading Fava Bean & Parmesan Salad