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Bijouxs Basics: Duxelles

Duxelles: You need these in your freezer pantry, you just may not know it yet, a Bjouxs Basics that may be incorporated in so many dishes to impart that woodsy, rustic, and earthy flavor element. Pizza with Duxelles, Fennel, Fontina and Black Truffle Oil serves as my first Anatomy of a Recipe post –breaking down the elements of a little jewel. Continue reading Bijouxs Basics: Duxelles

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Bijouxs Basics: Olive Oil

There is no one more important pantry basic in your Bijouxs kitchen than olive oil, but with so many wonderful choices in the marketplace it can become confusing – what type of olive oil to use when and what should you be looking for in an olive oil? Here’s the Bijouxs breakdown on olive oil – just the basics. Continue reading Bijouxs Basics: Olive Oil

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Corned Beef Hash with Eggs & Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup

Anyone who has even the slightest whisper of Irish in them will probably be serving corned beef, cabbage and potatoes this week, so just in case you have that whisper of Irish, or you just have some leftover corned beef, here is a Bijouxs that is a breakfast or brunch favorite. Corned Beef Hash topped with a crispy fried egg and Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup. Continue reading Corned Beef Hash with Eggs & Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup