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Cherry Clafouti

Cherry Clafouti

Clafouti, the simple French custard and fruit dessert is great for the Beach House. Use whatever fresh fruit or combination of fruits. The batter goes together in a flash in the blender. Bake in a pie pan most rentals will have, and voila, dessert is served. A little whipped cream or vanilla ice cream too, it’s summer.

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Skillet Chicken & Rice

Skillet Chicken & Rice

This recipe is a take on my Mom’s total comfort dish of Pork Chops and Rice. We have not been eating as much pork, instead turning to chicken. Drumsticks are down home, kid friendly and also budget conscious. My son once had me step outside the kitchen to surprise me with some chicken and rice, of course sans the wine. The red wine and garlic are newer adult additions to the family recipe. The basics are always a little jewel. Continue reading Skillet Chicken & Rice

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Just a Few Chocolate Chunk Cookies

ust a Few Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Well, just a few cookies are needed during this confinement. This smallish recipe makes about 5 of the most buttery chocolate chunk cookies, not to mention this is one bowl recipe. It’s ok, it’s Just a Few Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Kitchen. Continue reading Just a Few Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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Spiced Grape Chutney

Spiced Grape Chutney

Thank goodness for fresh fruit & vegetable delivery during this confinement. My local delivery from Imperfect Foods included a large portion of dark purple grapes…hum what recipe might work? When in doubt a chutney makes use of fruits with added spices for a punch–Spiced Grape Chutney, for the win. Continue reading Spiced Grape Chutney

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Lee Bailey’s Asparagus

#403 Lee Bailey’s Asparagus

Spring is here, a bounty of fruit & vegetables begins. In spite of my land-locked condition, a small local meat market began carrying fresh vegetables, there I found the most luscious asparagus. One of my favorite ways with asparagus is this recipe via Lee Bailey, a chef whose food and life truly embodied Beautiful Food By Design.

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