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Mason Jar Blueberry Muffins

It’s time to head off for the weekend and more Mason jar cuisine is here to get you packing. Mason Jar Blueberry Muffins with a crunchy sweet crust are bursting with fruit and with just a quick mix into a Mason jar they are off for the weekend to create a carefree breakfast. These muffins are little kitchen jewels you’ll want to add to your collection. Continue reading Mason Jar Blueberry Muffins

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Positively Powerful Salad

I feel like we all could use a dose of positive power about now, so here is a salad packed with positivity and nutritional power and running on jet fuel, another little jewel from the Bijouxs cookbox, a Positively Powerful Salad. Continue reading Positively Powerful Salad

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Apple Crisp

Enter the perfect fall dessert – Bijouxs Apple Crisp. Tart, crisp apples baked with fragrant spices and sweetness creating a caramel-like sauce and crowned with a crunchy butter-crisp topping, a dessert that is bound to draw guests into the kitchen to snatch a little taste. A simple, enduring fall Bijouxs at it’s best. Continue reading Apple Crisp

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Anna Apple Trees

I wandered out to the studio today to write a post about a lovely summer recipe, but something was different today – the crisp morning air felt like fall, not mid-July in the usually hot interior valley of Los Angeles, and I am wearing a sweater – so, today it’s all about Anna, the apple tree, and being present in the moment. Continue reading Anna Apple Trees