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Tuna Tartare with Black & Blue Sauce

Food and fashion and the fashion of food, a playful, delicious Bijouxs take on the fall collections – Tuna Tartare with Black and Blue Sauce – light and easy to prepare, a little fun food couture with a toast to the new Bijouxs website – celebrate the kitchen jewels. Continue reading Tuna Tartare with Black & Blue Sauce

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Summer Tomato Sauce

Back to Bijouxs No. 1! Time to revisit a no-cook summer favorite, perfect Mason jar cuisine – Summer Tomato Sauce – a colorful collection of summer to top pasta, grilled vegetables or bruschetta – the taste of summer made Mason jar simple. Continue reading Summer Tomato Sauce

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Heirloom Cobb Salad

The Bijouxs kitchen jewels are classic, yet modern in style, an eclectic collection, always celebrating the everyday beauty all around us, right here in our kitchens. Heirloom beans, an everyday beauty, spun into a classic salad – little kitchen jewels to share. Continue reading Heirloom Cobb Salad